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WMspokenenglishclasses. : An Eminent Online Portal to Learn Spoken English language. WM online classes provide Flexible learning so that student can have full control and accountability for their learning.

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Upgrade your Spoken English skills with WMspokenenglishclasses online classes,Online classes include all the aspects of English language like listening, reading, writing and speaking.
Join Best English Spoken Classes Delhi/ IELTS / TOEFL Spoken Course to get success to reach your goals.
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English Speaking Classes ONLINE

  • BASIC English Speaking Classes ONLINE

    "WMspokenenglishclasses " are designed for beginners for best learning experience of English spoken language. Through WM online dedicated Practice session with the assigned mentor, Will make you more keen learner of English language and you will feel more confident like never before.Enroll for Your Online English Classes: 9999657891Book Demo Now! Explore us @
  • Intermediate Advance Speaking Classes Online

    Are you tired of practicing Spoken English alone? Join "WMspokenenglishclasses " for best learning experience. Located at B-347, Green Field Colony faridabad, Haryana 121001,Enroll for Your Online English Classes: 9999657891Book Demo Now!Do explore us @
  • Advance English Spoken Classes Entrepreneurs + Public Speaking Skills

    Advance English Spoken Classes Entrepreneurs covers business English ,Make you fluent in meetings and job interviews, Get great professional connections !Located at B-347, Green Field Colony faridabad, Haryana 121001,Enroll for Your Online English Classes: 9999657891Book Demo Now!Do explore us @

English Speaking Classes for Kids & Children

  • Courses for Kids & Children-Spoken Practice

  • French Classes for Kids & Children

    Courses for Kids & Children-French Learning Classes
  • Personality Development for Kids & Children

    Personality Development for Kids & Children-Spoken Practice


2 weeks ago
WizMantra is one of the best platforms to learn english.i enjoy online classes. My english teacher is neelima mam..i think she is a good teacher.Neelima mam teaching way is excellent.i really enjoy.
- Priyanka K
2 weeks ago
When it comes to me, I’ll rate WizMantra Online English speaking Academy as one of the best institute in World...Wizmantra gave wings to my dream so for me, it is the best online English learning academy. I had a dream of becoming a writer right from my childhood. Thanks alot ... #wizmantra team❤️❤️❤️❤️
- Qashif B
3 months ago
The courses available at Wizmantra English Speaking Academy are really good and meaningful. Those who are looking change in their over all personality.Must Join Wizmantra online classes.
- sunita m

Best Online Spoken English Institute

WM Online is a premier online tutoring platform in Faridabad offering language classes to students world wide. Classes can be taken from anytime anywhere based on your availability. WM is specialized in 

1.Basic Spoken English Classes FaridabadBeginners always find it very difficult to become perfect at English. Learning English at school might not be enough to be fluent at it. For fluency, a great deal of practice and practical situations are a must. WM Basic Spoken English Classes help you to master the English language. We teach you the basics of English including English grammar and tenses so that you speak the language in a proper manner. Speaking wrong English always gives a negative impression to others. Your pronunciation as well as your presentation is of utmost importance while speaking in English. There is absolutely no shortcut to learn English and our classes with provide you the right path and will give you the right base to become a perfect English speaker. Speaking English is incomplete without a good vocabulary. You just can't do away with blabbering without using proper words. Our classes will also improve your English vocabulary that will help you to use the right words at the right place. English speaking has become a necessity nowadays as the use of English is increasing day by day. Professional job interviews as well as multiple phone calls etc. require you to speak in English almost every day. English has become a globally accepted language and it is quite impossible to survive without learning Basic English. If you are not good at speaking English and feel that this is the right time to learn and become perfect, then there is no better place than WM Spoken Academy for you. Fees Starting at 3800 INR / month

2. Advance spoken English classes FaridabadMay be you are very good at English but still lack that cutting edge that will make you excel in all departments. Advance Spoken English classes are not about just learning English, it is about taking your English speaking to the next level. This course can also be combined with the Basic Spoken English Classes to get the best results for beginners. People who know how to speak English but are not fluent enough can join our classes to increase their vocabulary and to become perfect at English speaking. As soon as you learn perfect English at WM, you will be able to see what difference it will bring to your personality. Whether you are a team lead, or an English teacher, or a professional who has to speak English quite frequently in front of prominent people, our classes will provide you the right guidance with respect to your requirement. Great English speaking skills are a must nowadays and to master English will bring a lot of confidence in you. Take your vocabulary to the highest level and become an advanced English speaker by joining our classes. Our course also focuses on developing English speaking skills in a professional scenario. Extraordinary English verbal skills will enable you to open a lot of doors which are still waiting to be opened. Explore various levels of English speaking with the help of our course and become fluent at speaking English. Our special advance English speaking course will guarantee the success that you have been unable to achieve till now. Fees starting at 7000 INR

3. English Writing Classes in FaridabadDo you dream of becoming a writer? Or feel that you are lacking something while writing any content? Join our writing classes and become a professional at writing content in English. Our classes provide you the exposure to become a writer, or to easily write technical content. We will teach you to bring your thoughts into words. Students can learn essay writing, while working people can learn technical paper writing. Learn the perfect use of tenses, creative writing, content writing for blogs etc. and make your words powerful than ever. Writing is an art that is not possessed by everyone but can surely be learnt with the right amount of practice and guidance. This digital world requires writing skills everywhere from emails to social media. Some of you might even find writing posts on social media to be difficult. There is no shame in being weak at something, until and unless you are willing to learn. Without writing skills, you will not be able to put down your thoughts on a piece of paper in an influential way. Better writing can bring you a lot of success whether you are in a profession related to writing or not. It takes time to learn proper writing techniques and a great deal of practice to hone your skills. If your writing is good enough, you will get great career and job opportunities. Written communication will be the most important, at times when there is nothing to speak. Our classes will prove to be the best for you to become a great and effective writer. Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure      

4.Interview Preparation Classes FaridabadThere are many candidates who look good on paper but are a disaster in person. In today’s competitive world, it is very important to make a good first impression. Not everyone gets good opportunities always. And when you do get an opportunity, it is absolutely necessary to be well prepared so that you don’t make mistakes and get rejected. Interviews are meant to test your abilities and to understand the qualities you possess apart from your technical capabilities. Be it a telephonic interview, or a face to face one, your communication skills, the way you tackle different questions and your personality matter as much as your technical knowledge. Join the classes provided by WM Spoken English to get interview ready. We will prepare you to give any type of interview and will also remove the fear of giving interviews. We will help you with the basic interview questionnaires and will provide you the best possible answers to those questions. Mock interviews will help you to battle the situation practically. Be it a telephone interview, video interview or a skype interview; we cover all. Effective preparation for your job interview can make the difference between getting the desired job and rejection. Presenting yourself well in an interview is the most important thing and its perfection comes with a lot of practice. We will put you in front of such situations where you will learn to overcome difficulties and will gain the confidence with every practice session. Our sessions will improve every quality needed to pass any type of interview.  Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

5. Personality Development Course FaridabadPersonality defines what you are and what you will be. Your personality always gives an opportunity to others to judge you without having any verbal interaction. Personality development plays a crucial role in one's professional life and social life. A person with a weak personality fails to create an impression on others and achieving the goals in life becomes a very difficult task for him. Personality development course includes grooming communication skills - both verbal and non verbal, attitude and self-confidence, body language, etiquette, solving problem and your behaviour. Getting a mentor at WM English Institute to help you with your personality will make it really easy for you to learn these qualities. As correctly stated by someone, mentorship is the fastest path of learning. Our classes will help you to learn to present yourself in front of others and to rise above a group of people. Your personality will be enhanced by a noticeable margin by our experienced trainers as they are willing to take you under their wing. Personality development will improve your confidence, your leadership skills and will increase your will power. These qualities as well as your overall personality development will open doors of bigger and better opportunities and will help you with your career growth. The whole process of this development takes place over a period of time. Our course will bring a lot of changes to your personality and we will help you to implement these positive changes to your day to day lifestyle. Enhance your personality and become a force to be reckoned with, by joining our extraordinary classes led by trained professionals.  Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

6. Public Speaking Classes in FaridabadPossessing a fear of speaking in public is one of the most common things you will find in the people around you. Public speaking is not only about delivering something in front of a group of people; it is also about being in the audience and making your presence felt. Our classes on public speaking will remove all the fear out of your mind and you will surely become a noticeable figure in a group. People who are into professional stuffs and deal with giving presentations etc. will find this course to be very useful. Apart from that, all the students who have a fear of speaking in public or people who want to build their career related to public speaking should enroll for our classes. For entrepreneurs as well, public speaking acts as a medium that helps them to engage in conversations with people and influence them with their way of speaking. It is not at all easy to master the art of public speaking. It requires days and months of preparation and practice. The sessions at WM Coaching Institute Faridabad will surely teach you this art of public speaking in just a few days. Anything we do becomes more efficient if we get the right amount of guidance and training. That is what WM Institutes Faridabad does and our teachers provide the environment and teach you the techniques required to overcome the fear of public speaking. At the end of our classes, you will become a great public speaker and will understand the importance of public speaking to a larger extent. 

7. IELTS online courses in FaridabadIELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. IELTS exam is designed to assess all your English skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. This test is usually given for higher education or abroad migration. IELTS provides a profile of a candidate's English proficiency. The profile contains not only an indication of a candidate's ability in a particular module but also an indication of his/her overall ability. IELTS exam needs a lot of preparation and is becoming necessary if you think about getting a future abroad. The IELTS exam training provided by us focuses on all the aspects related to your English skills. We will teach you all the techniques related to this exam. The training provided by us will take your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to the next level. IELTS has a great international reputation and is accepted by over 10,000 organizations worldwide, including schools, universities, employers, immigration authorities and professional bodies. Passing the IELTS exam makes it easier for students and professionals to take their career abroad if they wish to. We will ensure that you get the best possible preparation for IELTS exam online. Our classes will help you with online tests and excellent course material. These sessions will improve your overall personality and will give you a great command on your communication skills. Improved English skills will not only help you to pass the IELTS exam but will also help you a lot to build your career or to outshine others in your already existing profession.  Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

8. Spanish Classes in FaridabadThe ability to communicate in multiple languages is becoming more and more important in the increasingly integrated global business community. English is a truly global language, but the importance of Spanish is undeniable. Spanish is the official language of 21 countries and is becoming increasingly globalized. Also, it is regarded as the most commonly understood language in the western hemisphere, due to its prominent use in South America. Spain is a client for a lot of companies and that is why the people who can speak Spanish are considered by many companies for job opportunities. Spain is also a place where job opportunities are increasing and companies require Spanish speaking people for such jobs. WM Online English has trained people who have a command on Spanish and know how to teach Spanish to beginners. The need of learning more languages is increasing and parents also want that their child should be able to communicate in multiple languages. If you are thinking of learning any secondary language, then Spanish is one of the best possible options for you. We provide you the practice that is needed to learn new languages. The Spanish speaking population is one of the fastest growing segments in the world, especially in the United States. Spanish is the third most used language in the world. The global use of Spanish is clearly visible and to learn a language like Spanish, which is totally new to Indians, you need the right mentors to progress in the right direction. Join our classes if you have it in you to learn Spanish and we will provide you the best possible results. Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

9. French Classes / Courses in FaridabadWith every passing day, French is becoming an important language to learn. Knowing a second language is always better in a lot of aspects but as French is among the top 10 or 15 languages out of around 3000 viable languages in the world, learning French is of utmost importance nowadays. Also, after having mastered French, it will be easier to learn other Latin languages as well such as Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Learning French is becoming more important as it is becoming an essential language in Europe as well, following Brexit. Learning a new language becomes easier when you have great trainers who have a command of that language. WM Online trainers are the best in business as they are very much experienced at teaching different languages to individuals. Our trainers are very well aware of the ways that make it easier to teach. If you are planning to go abroad or are willing to learn a second language as you know that just knowing one foreign language is not enough, then enroll for our French classes as French, along with English, is the only language spoken on five different continents. The ability to speak French will also enable more career options for you. Also, learning French will open more options for you to study in France and will help you if you want to visit France for any official or personal tour. If you are not aware, French is a language that is spoken in some parts of India also, and this can be a perfect reason for you to start learning French.

10. BPO Call Centre Training ClassesBPO industry is growing day by day at a very rapid pace, especially in India due to the very low labor costs and excellent efficiency provided by our individuals. The BPO market is providing a large number of jobs and these jobs are great in financial aspects as well as the aspect of career growth. If you think about getting into the BPO industry, then this is the right place for you. We have the best experienced trainers who can teach you the in and out of working in a BPO company. You will get to learn about the required accents as well as the techniques of tackling difficult situations. Interviews for getting a job into a BPO industry are quite challenging and our classes will provide you the required amount of practice and exposure that is required to crack such interviews. BPOs can get you a great experience in domain, culture and communication skills. BPO companies require the individuals to have a great hold on their communication skills and to be smart enough to tackle with the different situations that come around in a BPO job. BPO jobs are not just about attending calls; they are also about jobs related to web research, bookkeeping, data processing etc. All these jobs require a good amount of practice to get the perfection that is required. You might get into a BPO on your own, but the training at WM English Speaking Institute Faridabad will surely make you capable enough to get into the best one available.  Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

11. Voice & Accent Classes in FaridabadPreparing for a telephonic interview? Or finding it difficult to speak languages other than your first language? If yes, enroll for the voice and accent training provided by our trained professionals for accent softening, confident speech, etc. Voice and accent training is all about teaching you how to speak in an influential way, neutralizing the accent, and personalizing your accent according to the environment. This course will help you to remove the influence of your mother tongue in your accent that is known as the neutralization of accent. This training will also teach you the correct pronunciations and will make your pronunciation as precise as possible. We will teach you the concept of intonation and will help you to understand the basic differences between world’s most famous accents. This course will prove beneficial for individuals for whom English is the second language, for business professionals who deal with clients across the globe, for people who want to improve their public speaking, as well as for performers who are looking to showcase their talent at some place. The way you communicate in front of others defines your personality and people make judgement based on the way you speak.  Our voice and accent training program will provide you the best platform to improve your accent and the way you speak that in turn will build your confidence and will help you in your career growth. At the end of your training, you will be able to speak with greater authority and vocal presence and you will be able to overcome the accent barrier you possess.  Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure  

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